Comedy Cafe Amsterdam

Alaa Abu Diab

Sunday 05 Mar 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


After the success of his last show 'Lockdown' Alaa Abu Diab is back to Amsterdam for a new stand-up comedy show "Non-White"

About Alaa:
Alaa Abu Diab is an acclaimed stand up comedian from Jerusalem, widely regarded for his sharp and amusing sketches. Drawing inspiration from everyday events comically highlighting differences between the Arabic-speaking world and the global north. Alaa went on to perform cutting edge social commentary imbibed with local and regional flavours from places he's visited.
Alaa Abu Diab has performed sold out shows regionally and internationally, from Jerusalem to Beirut and Cairo, Amman to Berlin, London and Paris to Canada, performing to fully packed venues of Arabs yearning for his humorous shows. His unique comedy style allows Arabs worldwide to laugh tirelessly at his jokes and sketches as he reflects on topics close to their hearts.

18:00: Doors open.
18:30 show starts.
20:00: show ends.

Note: The language of the show will be Arabic

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